Online Video
That Grows
Your Business
  • Drive More Traffic to Your Website
  • Powerful, Compelling Messages
  • Effective Calls To Action
 Build More Trust with Your Customers
Leverage the power of a personal presentation, client testimonies, and images of success
 Increase Customer Engagement & Sales
Studies show quality video increases conversions by more than 80%!
 Feel Confident With
a Powerful Message
You only have one shot at a first impression... make it count!
Your Customers Don’t Watch Video Like They Used To
In fact, the majority of viewers won’t get through the first 10 seconds of your video!
We know this firsthand, because we built up the courage to look at our own data and saw the harsh reality...and boy, it was harsh

So we committed to doing video differently, prioritizing the three new principles of online video: creating clear and compelling stories, quickly capturing the audience’s attention, and constructing videos around the data metrics that count.

We believe great businesses like yours deserve 
videos that actually work.
Combining Quality Video
with a Compelling Message
Here’s some of our work...
 Overview Video
for Web and Social Media
Ditch impersonal stock photos across all marketing and instead, create a warm, welcoming video experience for interested patients.
Begin with clarifying the Customer’s Story, then script an Overview Video that quickly addresses the problem with compassion that leads the viewer to a Call­To­Action. Include beautiful shots of the office, work space, and support staff that invites viewers into an experience so they can envision working with the Momentum team.
 Moving, Life­-Changing Testimony Video
How to capture an emotional, life­ transforming story that highlights the empowerment our company delivers...all under two minutes?
Create interview questions based on the Customer’s Story, then help lead them into the heart of their journey. Using non-­invasive directing techniques, DK and his team were able to capture lifestyle video clips and blend it all together with a moving music track and simple, clean graphics.
 Product Video for Marketing Funnel
How to quickly launch a campaign through paid Facebook Ads, targeting a specific demographic and pain point?
Script, record voice over, utilize video clips already captured, create graphics, and edit together for a fast-moving, informative video for social media ads and landing page. Utilizing powerful, transparent data, this video scored high in Video­-Through Rates, Video Engagement, Video Watch Over Time, and 10­-Sec Video View metrics.
 Coaching Leaders
on Video
Speaking with energy, clarity, and passion in front of a camera not your thing? We've got you covered...
Using a script provided by the client, DK worked alongside a teleprompter to coach and direct the talent, as well as keep the set fun, light, and positive.
So...Ready to Create that Video?
Here’s How to Get Started...

Let’s Talk Video

Our FREE 30 minute assessment call allows us to get clear on your goals, learn about your business, and formulate a game plan

Lights, Camera...Action!

We do all the heavy lifting for you - from clarifying your message, to scripting and production, all the way through the final edit

Share Your Message

Experience confidence in how you and your company communicate a powerful message on video that actually works!

Experience Matters
The Ambient video team, led by local director/producer Dean “DK” Kaneshiro, has over 40 years of combined professional video production experience.

DK is the director/writer/editor of the award­-winning documentary, “Rise of the Wahine: Champions of Title IX.” His special passion is working with business leaders, global brand experts, and influencers who know they need to get in front of the camera, but are uncomfortable with the idea and need some coaching to pull out their very best.

StoryBrand Certified Guide

DK is  one of Hawaii’s first StoryBrand Certified Guides and harnesses the power of this proven, 7­-step marketing framework to create compelling scripts that turn viewers into buyers.
Sounds Cool...So How Much Does it Cost?
Every video project is different—from simple interviews to having elephants walk in the background—time, costs, and deadlines vary. 

All packages start at $7,000

No matter the purpose and length,
all video packages include:

  • Your Customer’s Story:
    clarity as it relates to your product and service
  • Scripting + Preproduction:
    crafting a compelling message
  • Equipment + Crew:
    everything you need to succeed
  • Directing + Coaching:
    pulling out your very best on camera
  • ​Editing + Web-Ready Video:
    making you and your company look fantastic
  • ​Plus we have fun!
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